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Well Written Essay

Preparing a Well Written Essay

Most students struggle with essays and papers because they do not follow an organized plan. Like anything else that involves several steps, each step must be completed before moving onto the next. If any of the steps are skipped or if the writer simply sits down and composes from his/her “head,” the final product will be disjointed and incoherent. Here, you will see the basic plan for preparing a piece of academic writing that will be coherent, fluent, structurally sound, and worthy of a good grade. If you adhere to these steps in your production, you will end up with a well written essay that you will be proud to submit.

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The Best Written Essays are produced by using these standard steps. This brief summary of each step is meant to serve as a skeleton. If you need specific assistance and are truly concerned with your organizational and writing skills, it might be wise to contact one of the professional online custom essay writing companies for help.

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  1. Refine the Topic: You may have a general idea of the topic for your essay or paper. Given the parameters of breadth and depth (along with the length requirement) however, you will need to reduce that topic to a more specific focus. If your biology topic is genetics, for example, you will want to narrow the focus to something more specific – biogenetic engineering or genetic testing are possibilities.
  2. Conduct the Research: For a standard paper, 10-12 good sources may be enough; for a major graduate work, however, numerous primary sources that report actual research may be required. If this step is too cumbersome or overwhelming, you may want to purchase essay or paper research from a professional writing service.
  3. Synthesize your Research: You are now ready to determine sub-topics for your focus. Is your purpose merely to inform; is it to suggest new research paths; is it to establish a point of view or to persuade? The answers to these will inform your sub-topics, as well as your thesis statement.
  4. Develop your thesis statement: Once you have the information and/or data from you research, you are ready to develop a thesis statement, which will inform the reader of the purpose of your essay or paper. A well written essay or paper will always have a purpose, and this purpose should be contained in your thesis statement, whether it is a sentence, a paragraph or, for major graduate works, a section or a chapter. The thesis will form your introduction.
  5. Prepare Your Outline: No essay or paper can be coherently produced without an outline. Each major sub-topic should be addressed sequentially, often in order of importance, and the outline will be the skeleton for you writing. For a graduate thesis or dissertation, each section or chapter should have its own outline.
  6. Write Your Rough Draft: Leave the introduction and conclusion aside for the time being.  Focus instead on the body, section, or chapter you are producing, and use the outline to guide your writing, being careful to note the source of any information, data, concept, idea, or opinion which you are addressing. You will need to accurately cite these sources in your final piece, so note them now. Once you have completed the rough draft of the body, you are ready to insert your introduction and conclusion. The introduction should do just that – introduce the topic and provide your thesis statement. The conclusion should certainly summarize your research and reflections/response but may also need to propose the need for additional study or research on the topic.
  7. Set Your Rough Draft Aside for a Period of Time: You will need to “clear your head.  The time may vary dependent upon the due date and the complexity of the work.
  8. Revise, Revise, and Revise: During the revision process, you will first need to take a holistic approach, reading through your piece, and making certain that it flows logically and coherently. The second necessary step is to ensure that your work is reflective of scholarly language usage, solid grammar, good transitions, and correct mechanics. 
  9. Write the Final Draft: You are now ready to prepare the final product. Continue to cast a critical “eye” as you write, for you may see additional corrections.
  10. Formatting: You must adhere to the title page, pagination, margin, etc. requirements of the directed style. Correct a citation format for both in-text and end-of-text referencing is critical if your final product is to meet the expectations and requirements of your instructor/professor. Attention to detail is crucial.

All of this may appear daunting and beyond your capabilities. Understand, however, that there is help available from professional writing services, from which you can buy essays online relative to any topic and focus. A cheap essay writing service is probably not your answer, for the cheap custom essay price may provide poor results. Consulting a reputable service with qualified professionals will allow you to buy an exceptional product.


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