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Research Paper Notes

Research Paper Notes

Using research paper notes to organize:

The " Research Paper notes system" can be very useful as it pertains to organizing the information needed for a college essay. By knowing how to take notes for a research paper, any student can create great note cards from the index cards that are written with the information that is necessary to capture the highlights of a subject that is being researched. 

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Once a student learns how to take notes for a research paper, the information can be organized for a good example research paper as follows:

  • In the card’s upper left corner, "try to code" the topic of the research paper writing, and where in the outline it can fall
  • In the upper right corner of the example research paper index card, write the name of the author, the title, and the exact page number.
  • In the very body of the card, enter a fact or something memorable that you might care to include in your research paper writing.

It is important to express all of this information in your own words, unless you are quoting someone. It is also important to use correctly structured sentences in order to save time and lesson confusion when it is time to write the paper. The research paper notes are great for this purpose. 

  • Unless you plan to buy a research paper online from for a cheap price, you should organize your index cards to coincide with the outline of the essay.
  • Whether you use our research paper writing service, or write the paper yourself, it should be written in the following sequence:

Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, citations/references

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Use sentences that are on topic and transition from sentence to sentence link the information that has been written on the research paper outline or index cards.

  • Keep a second set of cards that contains the information for citing books and other resources.  These are to be used for writing footnotes and/or endnotes, and when it comes time to compile the bibliography.

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