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Terms and Conditions

Submission of a Refund

  1. A customer is allowed to submit a refund request within 14 days after deadline expiration. Meanwhile, there is no specific time frame for submission of a refund related to plagiarism. It is important to note that the customer has to provide us with a valid plagiarism report that proves paper’s non-authenticity.

* We consider Turnitin to be a reliable plagiarism detection program. Meanwhile, SafeAssing and similar tools are regarded as unreliable as they count direct quotes and references as plagiarism. However, reference list, formulas, direct quotes, as well as table of contents should not be regarded as plagiarism.

  1. When the customer provides a rough paper that should be further developed by our writer, we do not bear responsibility for the originality of customer’s parts. We check for plagiarism only those parts which have been produced by our writers.
  2. If the customer is not satisfied with the order and requests a refund, our Refund Agent will investigate customer’s claims and provide them with an official notice within 3-4 business days. In case the customer is right, they will receive a full or partial refund. 

Revision Requests

  1. There is a 48-hour time frame for submission of free revision requests. Thus, from the moment the deadline expires, the customer has 2 days to ask the writer to revise the paper for free. If the customer requests revision later, they need to pay for it. In case the writer consents to amend the paper without compensation, the order becomes not liable to refund.
  2. 20+ page papers are subject to free revision within 30 days after deadline expiration.
  3. The customer cannot alter the initial instructions when they request a free revision. In case the customer wants to change the requirements, they have to place a new order. What is more, if the customer provides the writer with some materials that should be used in the paper when the latter has already completed the work, the customer has to place a compensation order so that the writer can amend the paper.
  4. If the customer submits a revision request, they need to provide the writer with specific revision comments and set a new deadline. We would recommend the customer to give the writer sufficient time to improve the paper.
  5. The customer has an opportunity to choose the “Extended Revision” option when they place an order. It means that the customer will have 14 days (from the moment the deadline expires) to submit a revision request and the writer will have to revise the paper as per customer’s comments. Yet, the customer is not allowed to alter the original instructions. It should be noted that the option is paid; it makes up 30% of the order price. The fee is not refunded in case the customer does not submit a revision request within the indicated time frame.
  6. The customer is advised to respond to requests and emails sent by our writers and administration representatives promptly to ensure fruitful cooperation. If the customer needs to contact the writer to give some advice or additional comments, they can do it via message system. 

Full Refund

  1. The customer receives a 100% refund in case they have been double charged. In addition, a full refund is issued when the customer has accidentally placed the same order two times. The customer has to inform our Support Team about the issue immediately.
  2. If the writer has not been assigned to the order, the customer gets their money back.
  3. In case the company provides the customer with full refund, they have to restrain from using the paper or any other materials they have received from our company. 

Partial Refund

  1. The customer is entitled to a partial refund if they order a wrong number of pages when placing the order. The client is obliged to inform our Support Team about the case. 
  2. If the customer intentionally chooses inappropriate level of writing when ordering a paper (e.g., college instead of university), the refund percentage can be decreased.
  3. If the order contains contradicting instructions and the customer does not give timely clarifications, the refund percentage can be recalculated.
  4. The customer can cancel the order and receive reimbursement: 

Amount to refund

Deadline passed


10-19% of the set deadline


20-29% of the set deadline


30-39% of the set deadline


40-49% of the set deadline


50-59% of the set deadline


60%+ of the set deadline

*Nevertheless, the customer is not entitled to cancel the order in case 30% of the deadline is left and the writer is assigned to it. What is more, the customer cannot cancel the order if the writer has already completed the paper. 

Verification of the Order

  1. When an order is placed, it is subject to verification to avoid online fraud. It is important to note that the deadline for paper completion begins once the order is verified. Meanwhile, if the order is verified late, the customer should consider extending the initially set deadline or placing a compensation order so that the writer is rewarded for the work on an urgent (hot) order. 

Word Count Specifications

  1. The customer should not count pages visually. Thus, it has to be clearly specified that one page consists of 300 words. Nevertheless, this word count limit is not applicable to technical orders which require various calculations and alike.
  2. The customer can order a PowerPoint presentation with or without speaker notes. It should be highlighted that the customer needs to pay extra for speaker notes. If the customer orders them, 100-150 word notes will be provided under each slide.
  3. “Multiple choice” questions and online tests have their own peculiarities. Hence, the number of pages that should be ordered depends on the number of questions that should be answered. To be precise, 5 questions can be done within 1 page. Thus, the customer has to order 4 pages if the assignment includes 20 questions. 

Deadline Modification

  1. If the customer wants to get a completed paper earlier, they need to place a compensation order for early delivery. Still, if the writer voluntarily agrees to finish the paper ahead of time, there is no need for the customer to pay extra. However, in such case, the paper cannot be subject to refund.
  2. If the writer delivers the paper when the deadline has already passed, the customer can get a partial refund. 

Writing Level and Order Type

  1. The customer is required to choose a proper writing level and order type when placing an order. In case the customer has made the wrong choice accidentally, they have to contact our Support Team right away. It should be noted that we cannot issue a refund in case the requested services are underpaid.
  2. When the customer orders rewriting, they need to provide the writer with the text that should be reworded. In case the customer requires the writer to add some new information, make calculations, change sources or alike, the customer has to place a compensation order to reward the writer for undertaking additional work.
  3. Since our Support Team messages the customer about different issues, the customer is strongly advised to check their profile and email regularly. Thus, we would like the customer to be responsive and cooperative.
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