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Films and the Society

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Easy Street

This film starts wit a poor tramp called Charlie who had attended a storefront revival service, where he meets Edna Purviance, a very delightful woman. He decides to change his life. Charlie finds a job as a police officer and he is assigned to the notorious Easy Street, which was ruled by a tough man called Eric Campbell. However, Charlie is seen using his unorthodox strategies and successfully subdues Eric. It is notable that, the neighborhood lives happily there after. I find this film a funny short and its essence to satisfy mutual aspect gives Chaplin exceptional freedom. It serves exceptionally when introducing someone to silent films. The gags used are creative and well played by the well-coordinated mutual performers. It s imperative to note that, Chaplin reveals the societal ills through humor. For instance, the act of the drug addict shooting up wit a needle clearly depicted the rotten society in crime. This indicates that it is a delusion of believing that silent comedies are quaint.

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The Immigrant

In this film Charlie is an immigrant who perseveres an exigent journey and gets into difficulty immediately he arrives in America. On his way to America, Charlie wins a card game and puts the funds in Edna’s handbag. Edna and her ill mother are robbed everything and Charlie is accused of the theft, however Edna clears and defends his name. Charlie luckily finds a coin, which he puts in his pocket. On reaching the restaurant, he finds Edna whose mother had succumbed to the sickness. He asks her to join him; however, on reaching the coin to pay it is missing. It had dropped through a hole in the pocket. Chaplin uses humor in this story to depict the real life and background of the tramp. It is humorous for the Tramp to pick a coin and when reaching for it to pay for the meals, he realizes that it had dropped through a hole in the pocket. This scenario is humorous but it depicts how the Tramp was penniless. The ongoing gags especially in the restraint make and the steady foundation makes the story amusing and enjoyable.

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The Adventurer

This is the last film Chaplin wrote and directed during his contract with the Mutual Film Corporation. It is notable that, Charlie theaters as an escaped villain on the run from the prison sentry. Charlie falls into goodwill with a wealthy family after he rescues a young woman called Edna Purviance from drowning. However, Edna’s suitor (Eric Campbell) ensures the police officers arrest him. The film exhibits aspects of humor when Charlie dodges the law using the sliding doors. This leaves the audience with big laughs and consequent acceptance of the silent films. This film reveals the unique and incredible talent of Chaplin. In addition, the use of humor reveals the character traits of Eric Campbell; he is seen to be jealousy that is why he helps in the arrest of Charlie and this indicates the nature of the society.

The Tramp

In this film, a young man finds a girl of his reverie and decides to work on a family farm. Charlie is on the road where he exchanges is sandwich with a hobo’s brick. It compels Charlie to eat grass. However, the hobo captures a farmer’s daughter. Charlie is seen helping the young woman using the brick. It is seen that, two more hobos appears and Charlie throws them into the sea and the appreciative girl takes him home. Charlie lands on a job in the family farm where he fails. As the hobos try to break into the house drives off, however, the girl’s fiancé arrives and this compels Charlie to leave. He writes a fare well note and leaves. It is humorous for Charlie to do all that he did and suddenly the girl’s fiancé appears, Charlie efforts become unfruitful because he ends up leaving the girl’s home a disappointed man. This is a clear depiction of what the society can afford to award the less fortunate like Charlie.

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