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Sociological imagination refers to the understanding that outcomes are shaped by the social context in relation with the social actions. Additionally sociological imagination can be described as the flamboyant awareness of the association between experience and the wider society. This paper intends to express C. Wright Mills’ perspective on sociological imagination. Mills describes sociological imagination as the ability or capacity to shift from one perspective to another. Mills believes in the power of sociological thoughts to fix personal predicament through the public issues. Mills argues that for better understanding of the larger historical scenery in terms of its significance intended for inner self and peripheral career of a variety of individuals, one has to know the historical and sociological connotation of the singular individual in the society in a given period.

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Moreover, Mills felt that sociology is and will remain a discipline, which will offer the concepts and skills to expose and respond to social injustice. In addition, Mills characterizes sociological thoughts as a significant quality of mind, which would aid individuals to apply information in developing reason in order to accomplish coherent summations of current and future world happenings. Mills’ radical approach to sociology is less rigid in methodology and conceptions making it easier to engage the public instead of only the intellectuals. Mills theory emerges as a theory that has managed to conceive both individual and the society.

Mills sociological imagination can be applied in diverse fields. For instance, the perspective of fixing personal desires to public issues can be correlated with a marathon. The marathoners ran to attain experience, money and enhance their careers; however, some marathon events are organized to solve social problems of a certain society. For instance, a marathon can be organized to raise money for charity. This perspective of aligning personal achievement and predicament to the public issues is what Mills expresses in his theory in a less complicated manner for both the intellects and other members of the society to understand.

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