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The Database Security

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Database security is helpful to security and database administrators regardless of the vendors using the same database within an organization. According to (Natan, 2005), database security is a process of keeping information safe with security controls to protect data stored in the systems such as servers and network links. This is to maintain data integrity, availability and confidentiality. Database system pose great risks when unauthorized persons get access to it thus leaking confidential data or damages programs. Most of the vulnerabilities of the database are because of mis-configurations and unsuitable usage of the applications in databases serving different clients and servers. To make database more secure, a process known as hardening is essential.

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Hardening of the database involves removing the vulnerabilities resulting from configuration options and vendor bugs. Hardening involves three concepts (Natan, 2005). The first concept involves locking off the important resources that can be used maliciously. The second concept involves disabling of functions that the user does not require during implementation. The third concept involves giving less privilege to the database users. Information security specialists’ insists on patching of the database. Although it does not guarantee full security, patching is a very fundamental and important technique. It is however, a difficult task due to delay, thus the system is in danger of being attacked.  This delay is caused by schedules used to test and apply patches to various environments. Vendors who take time before releasing patches also cause this delay. For instance, IBM BD2 UDB 7.2 version is vulnerable to buffer overflow in both INVOKE and LOAD commands (Natan, 2005). Understanding the packages and features that are stalled in a system is very crucial.  As noted by (Natan, 2005), this is important especially when hardening an oracle environment. 

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As observed by Raj, system security in both large and small organizations is very important. In small organizations, mitigation efforts should be clearly focused in implementing of a firewall on the services of the remote access. POS credential default systems should also be changed together with other internet devices. If a third party is handling ACL and POS systems, ensure they are handled with a lot of security.  For large organizations, mitigation efforts should focus on eliminating unnecessary data by monitoring what is left. Essential controls should also be met and checking them regularly on whether they remain intact. Event logs should be monitored and mined regularly.

Raj is of the opinion that although data should be available and confidential, security mechanisms and policies must be put in place to filter its accessibility. Leakage by illegal users is not the only threat to database systems. Programs are also prone to threat.  This may occur due to errors on non-malicious programs such as flaw combination, incomplete mediation and overflow of buffer. Malicious codes and attack by viruses is also another threat. Such programs can be secured by use of codes and language based security measures.  Defending the system against software exploitation, safety transformation and analysis also secures programs from threats.

Networks should also be secured, as this is the source of transmission of threats from one system to another. Authentication, encryption and firewalls are the most familiar data security systems used by database and security administrators. However, every organization must come up with policies that safe guard database security to avoid cases of sabotage and data manipulation. Malicious employees should also be guarded from illegal usage of software systems to avoid computer crime, system failure as well as cases of vandalism. In addition, if an organization is outsourcing database administration services, it should come up with security mechanisms to safeguards its databases.

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